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“II” provides full product sourcing services. We provide assistance to importers, wholesalers, and distributors from around the world who need to purchase Thai products/ raw materials. 

Sourcing Services

What We Provide

  • Product sourcing according to your specifications

  • First article quality check

  • Price negotiation

  • Final pre-shipment quality check

  • Container loading inspection

  • On-going Quality Control

The Benefits of Working with "II"

  • Large Network of Suppliers and Manufacturers

    • Through years of  experience and connections, “II” has a vast network of Thai suppliers and manufacturers. 

  • Cost Effective & Efficient

    • Sourcing in an offshore country is not as easy as it seems. Miscommunication may occur from language and culture barrier. “II” can help you eliminate those complications.

  • High Quality Sourcing

    • Our staffs are professional in product sourcing, ensuring that you will get high quality products which meet all of your specifications and requirements.

    • We also offer quality inspection services for the first article, during production, pre shipment and container loading.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    • “II” works around the clock via phone, email, and other social media to understand and meet your requirements. We are available to solve any issues and concerns.

    • Our professionals strictly follow your requirements with integrity.

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International Inspection Thailand

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