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As an independent, third party inspection company, “II” provides variety of on-site inspections in order to protect your brand value and your company’s reputation by minimizing the number of defective and non-complaint products.

Commercial Inspection and Testing Services

What We Provide

Our Expertise

  • Design quality checklist that meets client’s requirements

  • Inspect factories located in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia)

  • Provide variety of inspection types:

    • First article inspection

    • During production inspection

    • Final pre-shipment inspection

    • Supplier/Factory audit

    • Container loading inspection (Container Quality Check)

  • Provide sample collection services

  • Provide external testing services

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With our in-depth knowledge and expertise on product quality, "II" can inspect variety of product types. Learn more about products we can inspect>>>

The Benefits of Working with "II"

  • Qualified Professionals

    • Our team consists of proficient inspectors, specialized in product/raw material inspection, local and international product safety standards, and quality system standards. Our inspectors and supervisors are all degreed engineers who are fluent both in Thai and English.

  • Cost Effective & Efficient

    • Being in the center of Southeast Asia enables our inspectors to efficiently provide services throughout the region in a timely manner. By using our services, you can save inspection/transportation cost and time.

    • Inspection or sourcing in offshore is not as easy as it seems. Miscommunication may occur from language and cultural barrier. “II” can help you eliminate those complications.

  • High Quality Inspection

    • With high experiences of our inspectors, “II” understands profoundly on the quality of various products/merchandises and always inspects products elaborately to ensure the quality and safety.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    • Our inspectors strictly follow  your standard procedures  with integrity.

    • Once the inspection is completed, “II” will send a report to you within 24 hours.

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International Inspection Thailand

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