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“II” offers follow-up inspection services on products or raw materials on behalf of leading certification bodies. We currently are a representive inspector of UL , DEMKO, and DEKRA and perform follow-up inspection for various certification marks, such as UL Mark for U.S. and Canada, UL-GS Mark for Germany, UL D-Mark for Denmark (DEMKO), KEMA-KUER for Netherland,  ENEC Mark for Europe, S-UL-AR Mark for Argentina, BR-UL Mark PSE Marks and UL-Apex S Mark for Japan, NOM Mark for Mexico, GOST-R Mark for Russia,  to name just a few.

Follow-up Inspection Services

What We Provide

  • Inspect products and raw materials for factories in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia) according to standard requirements

  • We can inspect variety of products including appliances, heating&ventilation&air conditioning equipment, wire&cable,power and controls, lighting, life safety and security, high technogy equipment, health science equipment, food safety, energy equipment, drinking water equipment, building materials, and chemical products

Certification Marks We Currently Represent

Our Expertise

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With our in-depth knowledge and expertise on product quality, "II" can inspect variety of product types.

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The Benefits of Working with "II"

  • Qualified Professionals

    • Our team consists of proficient inspectors, specialized in product/raw material inspection, local and international product safety standards, and quality system standards. Our inspectors and supervisors are all degreed engineers who are fluent both in Thai and English.

  • Cost Effective & Efficient

    • Being in the center of Southeast Asia enables our inspectors to efficiently provide services throughout the region in a timely manner. By using our services, you can save inspection/transportation cost and time.

    • Inspection in offshore is not as easy as it seems. Miscommunication may occur from language and cultural barrier. “II” can help you eliminate those complications.

    • Performing inspections for various certification marks, “II” saves manufacturer's time as we are able to combine many different inspections in one visit.

  • High Quality Inspection

    • With high experiences of our inspectors, “II” understands profoundly on  various international safety standards and always inspects  products elaborately to ensure the quality and safety.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    • “II” works around the clock via phone, email, and other social media to understand and meet your standard requirements. We are available to solve any issues and concerns.

    • Our inspectors strictly follow  your standard procedures  with integrity.

    • Once the inspection is completed, “II” will send a report to you within 24 hours.

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International Inspection Thailand

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