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Established in 1989, International Inspection Company Limited or "II" is one of the leading inspection companies in Thailand. "II" has vast knowledge and experiences in product safety inspection, quality system audit, and local and international safety standards . "II" provides services for over 1,000 manufacturers located in ASEAN.

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Our team consists of proficient inspectors, specialized in product/raw material inspection, local and international product safety standards, and quality system standards. Our inspectors and supervisors are all degreed engineers who are fluent both in Thai and English.


"II" is the first Thai company that provides product safety inspection services. With over 25 years of experience, we are expert on the product safety inspection, quality system audit, and international safety standards.




  • “II” understands profoundly on the safety standard of various merchandises and quality system. Our inspectors always inspect  products and quality system elaborately to ensure high quality and safety.

  • Our inspectors strictly follow standard procedures /client's requirements with integrity.

  • We provide detailed reports within 24 hours of completion.


  • “II” works around the clock via phone, email, and other social media to understand and meet your requirements. We are available to solve any issues and concerns.

  • "II" always considers clients' needs and satisfaction our major priorities. We know what the market in different regions is looking for in products and we offer our clients the solution through worldwide safety standard and consultation.


  • Being in the center of Southeast Asia enables our inspectors to efficiently provide services throughout the region in a timely manner. By using our services, you can save inspection/transportation cost and time.

  • Inspection or sourcing in offshore is not as easy as it seems. Miscommunication may occur from language and cultural barrier. “II” can help you eliminate those complications.

  • Performing inspections for various certification marks, “II” saves manufacturer's time as we are able to combine many different inspections in one visit.

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